Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Brings Foreign Car Production To Brazil

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade came about entering the automotive industry in an interesting way. He is now the chairman of the board of directors of CAOA, a firm he founded in 1979. At the time he was a medical doctor and had decided to buy a Ford Landau from a Campina Grande Ford dealership. Before they delivered the car to him the dealership went bankrupt.

Thinking creatively, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade asked that the dealership could be passed into his ownership in lieu of the non-existent car. This arrangement was agreed to and he soon owned a car dealership. It became the biggest Latin America Ford dealership before six years had passed.

Prior to 1992, the Brazilian government prohibited foreign vehicles being imported. When that law changed he acted quickly and signed an agreement with Renault to sell their cars. As a result, Renault became the biggest imported brand in Brazil and was in fifth place when it came to overall car sales. Renault ended up taking back the rights to sell their cars in Brazil three years later and their sales fell to ninth place in overall automotive sells.

Other brands that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has imported and sold include Subaru and Hyundai. He was able to come to an agreement with Hyundai to build some of their cars in Brazil. He spent USD $600 million on an automotive plant which is located in Goiás. The reason he located the plant there is that it is centrally located and can distribute cars across Brazil and nearby nations.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and his company have received a number of accolades in recent years due to his success in the automotive industry. CAOA was named as the “Good doer Company” in 2010 by IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine. The main reason for this is that this company has a waste reuse program at its car production facility and is helping to reforest the midwest of Brazil. He was named as the “Distributor of the Year” by Hyundai Motor Co., the first of their distributors to receive this honor outside of Europe.

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Krishen Iyer’s Success in Insurance marketing

Krishen Iyer’s expertise in insurance marketing and consulting has seen him grow both as an individual and as a brand. The founder and owner of Managed Benefits Services, an insurance marketing company, is an expert in client interfacing, online marketing, health, and dental insurance.




Through his firm, Krishen Iyer has brought together companies that deal with insurance-related businesses and helped clients in need of their services. The insurance marketing pundit works diligently and ensures that clients get the services they request for. His dedication has seen him rise through ranks and grow his career. Even prior to his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Krishen Iyer had already set up his firm insurance related firm. His goal was to grow a bigger and better company and to achieve that, he founded ‘Name My Premium’ in 2009. He worked for IHS Insurance up until 2014.




He progressed in the business, and in no time his business was succeeding and growing. Under his leadership, Name My Premium was fortunate to be nominated on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015. Mr. Iyer continued to work hard to see the company thriving. He later left in 2015.




Krishen Iyer believes that clients’ needs should always be the first priority. This is one of the reasons why the insurance marketing expert enjoys a good relationship with everyone who works with him. His dream is to see companies, which need specialized marketing work together with lead generation firms that offer the solutions needed.




Communication is important. Krishen Iyer is of the opinion that ideas grow because of constant communication. “The only way to make an idea come to life is through communication”, he says. Mr. Iyer also has interest in market analytics and is glad that it helps stakeholders in insurance discover clients and their requirements. He values giving back to the community, and often times you will find him engaging in philanthropic activities. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the charities Krishen Iyer is involved with.


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OSI Group And McDonald’s: The Symbiotic Relationship To Be Emulated

Starting from humble beginnings, OSI Group has grown to become one of the leading food processing companies in the world. The company’s growth is a testimony of the diversity of the American economy. Currently, the company has over 65 facilities in over 17 countries and it is still growing. It also harbors in excess of 20000 employees in its different facilities across the globe.

OSI Group is a brainchild of a German-immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. At the clock of the 20th Century, a quarter of the population of the City of Chicago was made of people of German descent. The thriving city became the industrial center of the nation and an access point for new immigrants into the United States.

After two years of arrival into the United States, Otto Kolschowsky opened a small meat market and butcher shop with intent to serve his community. Little did he know this small retail market would one day grow to become a household name in food processing industry, OSI Group McDonalds? The business was initially called as Otto & Sons.

In the postwar years, when businesses were taking shape following the shocks of World War II, Ray Kroc opened a OSI Group McDonalds franchise in Des Plaines Illinois. Prior to opening the restaurant, Roy had made a deal with the Sons of Kolschowsky to the franchise’s very first supplier of freshly ground beef. In a few years’ time, Ray Kroc bought McDonalds from its initial owners becoming the Company’s CEO. This provided an opportunity for Otto & Sons to become the McDonald’s main supplier of the ever expanding McDonald’s restaurants.

Due to the ever growing OSI Group McDonalds, there was pressure for Otto & Sons to find the suitable technology to serve the growing OSI Group McDonalds customer base for. For instance, there was too much pressure to discover the right technology that can be used to offer affordable, consistent and consumer-driven product capable of being transported for longer distances. This became reality in 1960, with the discovery of flash freezing. This lead to new opportunities in product expansion for both businesses while reducing on costs.

Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group in 1975. In 1973, Otto & Sons had dedicated one of its plants solely to serving McDonald’s. The mutual business relationship between the businesses has never ceased. Their relationship over the years is something which amazes many.

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ClassDojo Uses Puzzles to Hone Students’ Ethical and Critical Thinking

ClassDojo’s team of software developers has collaborated with Elon Musk’s private school to develop a groundbreaking educational application that is poised to hone a students’ ethical and critical thinking ability.

The software developers say that the new platform will bring a historical ground up the change in the world’s education sector. It will use conundrums, a set of open-ended puzzles to engage students’ critical thinking while finding a solution to the puzzles.

Unlike the ordinary puzzles, the new application will encourage students to be open-minded, take their ample time to reason, as well as respect each other’s opinions. These actions will mentor a positive culture within classrooms and schools.

On the other hand, the new education application will have a teacher’s version that will help teachers to guide the students through the brainstorming session.

It will encourage the teachers to give students a generous time to find a solution to the puzzle, request the students to write down their answer, as well as ask the students to defend their answers in an open forum.

Afterward, the new educational app will ask the kids to share their experiences through ClassDojo’s Class Story, a communication platform that connects students to their parents.

An Overview of ClassDojo- One of the Brainpower behind the New Educational App

ClassDojo is one of the most famous communication platforms used in 2 in 3 schools in the United States. Unique from the ordinary educational apps, ClassDojo unites teachers, parents, and students as a way to foster a positive learning community.

ClassDojo has three primary platforms; the classroom, messaging platform, and class story. The classroom platform contains regular classwork tasks that help students to develop a diverse set of skills and values, under the guidance of their teacher.

The Class Story platform presents students with an opportunity to share their class moments with their parents, as well as create a timeline of what they have learned. Moreover, the platform connects the school management, teachers, and parents.


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The Truth About Organo Gold (For Coffee Lovers!)

You can’t deny that coffee is a staple in our communities and in many others across the globe. It’s deeply ingrained in our society, with an entire day set aside around the globe to honor this coveted drink. Designated as International Coffee Day, it’s on September 29. Sadly, you will not find people receiving a day off from work in order to celebrate. Millions of individuals wake up each morning to have themselves a hot cup of joe for a bit of caffeine to jumpstart their day. As the days get longer and life gets busier and busier, a cup of java offers the level of energy necessary to complete our goals.

Although it’s been around for centuries, not many people know coffee’s true origins. Various myths and stories exist about where coffee was first discovered. Because coffee is a worldwide hit, there’s a company reaching consumers on a global scale to provide the energizing drink right on your doorstep. As an international lifestyle firm, Organo offers many products meant to improve the lifestyles of their consumers and are recognized for their amazing teas and coffees. Organo coffee beverages are well-understood to be great tasting to people all over the world.

Organo Gold Coffee

Organo’s Gourmet Black Coffee is the most popular. This is a robust blend without any sugar or cream that combines to form an instantly flavorful cup. It also incorporates Ganoderma mushroom for an added nutty taste in order to balance out the bold, rich and smooth flavor. Another product Organo is proud to provide is its King of Coffee (Premium Gourmet Organic). This is a robust and rich coffee that includes the exotic and rare Ganoderma lucidum spore powder. People who like a more sweet tasting coffee can enjoy the Organo Café Latte. With just 90 calories, the espresso type coffee includes Robusta and Arabica coffee beans along with Ganoderma and blended with sugar and cream to form a creamy latte. Gourmet Café Mocha mixes the smooth and rich taste of chocolate into a premium and creamy cup of coffee.

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Adam Milistein is a Well-known Philanthropist Who Believes in Actively Working with the Non-profits He’s Founded and Contributed To

When most people think of a minority in the United States they tend to think of Black Americans or Latino Americans, but in a country built on immigrants, the Jewish people are also a prominent minority. According to the Jewish Agency, there were over 5.3 million Jews or 40 percent of the total Jewish population in the U.S. in 2017 while Israel was home to 6.5 million or 49 percent. Adam Milstein is known as one of the top 50 influential Jewish -American leaders in the world.


Milstein received this award for his position as co-founder of the Israeli-American Council or IAC along with his life’s work as commercial real estate broker for Hager Properties, which he co-founded in Los Angeles. Milstein’s reputation has grown as an activist, leader and chairman of Jewish-focused organizations. Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila, work side by side to support and educate the American Jewish population of their heritage. They have founded such agencies as Israel on Campus Coalition, Stand With Me, StandByMe, Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, and AIPAC National Council.


Adam Milstein is also known as a generous Philanthropist for the Jews, but Milstein looks at philanthropy differently from most businessmen; he uniquely calls the way he contributes to charities “Active Philanthropy.” He defines active philanthropy as becoming involved with the people he is supporting by actually serving with the agency. So, when Adam Milstein donates to a certain fund, he actively participates in serving the group, and to do this he and his wife have founded many of the Israeli-American organizations in California and the U.S. Milstein serves as chairman on many of the Boards of these organizations.


The Milstein family moved to California in 1981, from Haffa, Israel where Adam and Gila were born. Milstein served in the Israeli Army and attended Technion, but he desired a better education, so he relocated and received his MBA at the University of Southern California.



Adam Milstein is active and dedicated to the Jewish population in America as well as the world. Recently, he and Gila co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which is a non-profit organization teaching Jewish values and providing books in Hebrew to Israeli-American families in the U.S.

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Randal Nardone is impressive in his career

Randal Nardone is an individual who has been successful in the financial world. His career has been successful, and he has been helping others who are willing to succeed. Many people know him in the world of entrepreneurship for being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. He has also been ranked among the top billionaires by Forbes. Randal has been described as a self-made billionaire because he started from a humble background, but he has acquired a lot of wealth through is hard work and being dedicated in his work. Today he is serving at Fortress Investment Group as the Chief Executive Officer; he is also serving in the capacity of a principal and a founder. Since they began Fortress Investment Group with others who had similar goals, he has significantly contributed to the success of the company. He has earned respect because of the significant contribution he has made to the financial industry.

Randal Nardone is an individual who has been successful in the financial world.

Randal Nardone is an individual who has been successful in the financial world.

He has been taking part in all the projects undertaken by Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone has also been given the position of Chief Operations Officer at the same company because they trust his experience and dedication. Although he is the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is also committed to other endeavors. He is the Chairman of Springleaf Holdings. He also serves the company as the president. Randal is also committed to helping another company called Newcastle Investment Holdings where he is the secretary and vice president. To know more about him click here.

He has also worked for other organizations where he gained experience. He worked for IMPAC Commercial Holding where he was the secretary. You would be surprised to discover that Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut to study a degree in English and Biology and not finance. He also studied law and worked in the legal field for some years. Later he developed an interest in the financial world and started Fortress Investment Group together with his friends. He decided to join others in the investment world after developing interest. But before starting the successful company, he had worked for BlackRock Financial Management Company. That is how he acquired the knowledge and skills to run a large company.

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Garth Henry Works Hard for His Clients

Gareth Henry noticed from an early stage in his career how the world of math and finance intersected in many different ways. While he may have been an actuarial mathematics major, his career did not follow the same path that many of his classmates had taken. Instead of venturing into the insurance industry, Gareth Henry set out to make it in the world of finances and has been making waves ever since.

On top of knowing what he is doing with finances, Gareth Henry is an expert on treating his clients the way that they deserve to be treated. He takes pride in being able to provide them with the best experience that he possibly can. After all, the more comfortable they feel with him and the services that he is able to offer, the more likely they are to trust him and his company with their investment capital.

Gareth Henry has worked for some impressive business since he graduated from the University of Edinburgh. The most recent positions involved investor relations with Fortress Investment Group and now Angelo and Gordon. He is known for the many benefits that he is able to bring to the companies that he is working for and is highly sought after because of this fact.

While many in the business world seem to have lost their sense of personal customer service, Henry is dedicated to being able to serve their clients one on one. Whether through meetings or business calls, he is almost always busy communicating in an effective manner to help the company grow. In order for his company to succeed, he knows that his clients and their business must be able to succeed as well.

Gareth Henry uses his sense of enthusiasm and passion when he wants to go after an idea. If he’s not excited about an idea that he is trying to accomplish, he knows that it will be more difficult than it needs to be. Once he is excited about an idea, he can do a lot more to make sure that his goals are accomplished in an efficient and timely way.


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Great Work From Sightsavers

There are charities that help people with all types of issues. A charity that is changing the lives of the blind and visually impaired is called Sightsavers. Sightsavers has a number of people that are compassionate and caring that are trying to make the lives of those that are affected better.


In India, They Really Help


There are some blind or visually impaired people that live far away from the hustle and bustle of the world. They live and depend on family, and they do not get out and take part in life. For these types of people, they can get very depressed. Some of them fall into a depression that can lead to suicide. Sightsavers wants to stop this. They step in and offer all kinds of ways for the person to engage in life more. This charity teaches these affected people how to still do things even though they are blind or visually impaired.


They Provide Glasses And Counseling


For people that are affected in other ways, this charity helps with glasses and counseling. The counseling is given so that these people are able to learn a new way to live. They don’t feel as alone as they did without the counseling that they need. Since the counselors are trained professionals, they know how to assist people so that they can live a much better life. With seeing eye dogs and other ways, the blind and visually impaired can become very active and productive people when Sightsavers gets into the picture.


Sightsavers is working in more than 30 different countries. Their work in India, as well as other places, is astounding. They are respected and people are taking note of all the help that they are giving to the blind and visually impaired. With all the help that they are giving to people, they have changed their lives for the better.


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Matt Badiali Recommends Silver in Wake of Market Developments

Precious metals are in decline right now. This is due to may contributing factors. Higher costs in production, lower value of outgoing commodities, and the stiff competition in the market does not help. This has caused silver to drop down to a point rarely reached. At present it sits on an emotional extreme of 80 to 1 with gold. This means it would take a investor over eighty ounces of silver to acquire just one ounce of gold. Gold itself is not faring any better. This unique circumstance presents a unique investment opportunity, and expert Matt Badiali is adamant about taking advantage.

According to Matt Badiali the future of precious metals will experience some king of stabilization. Contributing factors like precious metals use in industrial efforts, will cause the market to turn around. Silver specifically has a lot of industrial uses. In a recent article Badiali pointed out the usefulness of silver in both traditional and green energy. Solar panels use silver as do electric cars. Matt Badiali sees a higher demand in silver for the future, based on the impending increase in clean energy. This means silver’s value will eventually increase, so investors who purchase now will see those investments bear a lot of fruit. Silver can be had for $14.15, and that makes it a very cheap investment to make. Coupled with the potential for doubled returns and a silver investment becomes something investors should not pass up.

Matt Badiali has been looking at precious metals very closely. Gold is not doing well in its second quarter, but some companies are making surprising profits despite the decline. Like silver the metal will eventually gain a turnaround, but Badiali is staying away at present. He has also been looking into cannabis futures, which is completely different commodity. For Badiali it is all part of the job. As a top-level analyst for natural resources Matt makes investment recommendations all the time. Such recommendations have actionable information investors will put money on. Badiali takes this fact very seriously, which is why he travels the world to look at operations closely. As a geologist he has the knowledge to properly vet them and it allows accuracy in his advice.

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