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Krishen Iyer’s Success in Insurance marketing

Krishen Iyer’s expertise in insurance marketing and consulting has seen him grow both as an individual and as a brand. The founder and owner of Managed Benefits Services, an insurance marketing company, is an expert in client interfacing, online marketing, … Continue reading

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Drew Madden Presses On With His Industrial Engineering Skills 16 Years After Graduating

For many people, one great achievement in their life is enough to allow them to scoop the fame and retire thereafter. It is not the same with Drew Madden, an accomplished IT expert and Madison-based entrepreneur. To him, although he … Continue reading

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OSI Group And McDonald’s: The Symbiotic Relationship To Be Emulated

Starting from humble beginnings, OSI Group has grown to become one of the leading food processing companies in the world. The company’s growth is a testimony of the diversity of the American economy. Currently, the company has over 65 facilities … Continue reading

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ClassDojo Uses Puzzles to Hone Students’ Ethical and Critical Thinking

ClassDojo’s team of software developers has collaborated with Elon Musk’s private school to develop a groundbreaking educational application that is poised to hone a students’ ethical and critical thinking ability. The software developers say that the new platform will bring … Continue reading

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The Truth About Organo Gold (For Coffee Lovers!)

You can’t deny that coffee is a staple in our communities and in many others across the globe. It’s deeply ingrained in our society, with an entire day set aside around the globe to honor this coveted drink. Designated as … Continue reading

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Adam Milistein is a Well-known Philanthropist Who Believes in Actively Working with the Non-profits He’s Founded and Contributed To

When most people think of a minority in the United States they tend to think of Black Americans or Latino Americans, but in a country built on immigrants, the Jewish people are also a prominent minority. According to the Jewish … Continue reading

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Randal Nardone is impressive in his career

Randal Nardone is an individual who has been successful in the financial world. His career has been successful, and he has been helping others who are willing to succeed. Many people know him in the world of entrepreneurship for being … Continue reading

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Garth Henry Works Hard for His Clients

Gareth Henry noticed from an early stage in his career how the world of math and finance intersected in many different ways. While he may have been an actuarial mathematics major, his career did not follow the same path that … Continue reading

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Great Work From Sightsavers

There are charities that help people with all types of issues. A charity that is changing the lives of the blind and visually impaired is called Sightsavers. Sightsavers has a number of people that are compassionate and caring that are … Continue reading

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