Ann Scango is a Local Texas Artist who Heading Toward National Recognition

Ann Scango is a sculptor from the San Antonio area. Her artistic talents have helped her to become a famous artist throughout the city of San Antonio and Texas. She is poised to become a nationally recognized artistic talent. Her specialty lies in the discipline of sculptures and she also creates molding and collage pieces as well. Ann Scango has been an artist for many years but is now gaining a national following. Here is a brief synopsis of Scango and her amazing work.

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Scango started her artistic journey as a young girl within the city of Austin. Her mom stated that she has been making artful creations since the early years of her life. Apparently, Ann Scango had artistic creativity inside of her spirit since she was a young little girl. Ann’s mother was an artist also since she stated that she would take her mother’s art supplies and utilize them to make different types of creations.

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This strong desire would eventually blossom later in life urging Ann Scango on to become a passionate art creator. She spent many years developing and perfecting her talent. She eventually discovered that she enjoyed sculpting objects and she figured out how to create different types of projects.

Scango eventually spent many years trying to get her collection up and going. It was not easy. This is especially true for a woman. While there are female artists who have made a name for themselves, Scango realizes that women still needed to make an impact in this area. Speaking of which, Scango is a feminist.

She loves her children, female empowerment and is crazy about the environment. All of these attributes of Ann shows up in her work. Starting in 2016, Ann Scango has managed to gain statewide recognition for her talents. Scango has a fresh artistic talent that is hard to deny. She knows that she still has a long way to go even with her recent achievements. People should be on the look-out for Ann Scango in the future and her amazing works of art.

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