ClassDojo Uses Puzzles to Hone Students’ Ethical and Critical Thinking

ClassDojo’s team of software developers has collaborated with Elon Musk’s private school to develop a groundbreaking educational application that is poised to hone a students’ ethical and critical thinking ability.

The software developers say that the new platform will bring a historical ground up the change in the world’s education sector. It will use conundrums, a set of open-ended puzzles to engage students’ critical thinking while finding a solution to the puzzles.

Unlike the ordinary puzzles, the new application will encourage students to be open-minded, take their ample time to reason, as well as respect each other’s opinions. These actions will mentor a positive culture within classrooms and schools.

On the other hand, the new education application will have a teacher’s version that will help teachers to guide the students through the brainstorming session.

It will encourage the teachers to give students a generous time to find a solution to the puzzle, request the students to write down their answer, as well as ask the students to defend their answers in an open forum.

Afterward, the new educational app will ask the kids to share their experiences through ClassDojo’s Class Story, a communication platform that connects students to their parents.

An Overview of ClassDojo- One of the Brainpower behind the New Educational App

ClassDojo is one of the most famous communication platforms used in 2 in 3 schools in the United States. Unique from the ordinary educational apps, ClassDojo unites teachers, parents, and students as a way to foster a positive learning community.

ClassDojo has three primary platforms; the classroom, messaging platform, and class story. The classroom platform contains regular classwork tasks that help students to develop a diverse set of skills and values, under the guidance of their teacher.

The Class Story platform presents students with an opportunity to share their class moments with their parents, as well as create a timeline of what they have learned. Moreover, the platform connects the school management, teachers, and parents.


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