Cotemar—Serving the Mexican Off-Shore Oil and Gas Sector


Fourth Decade Serving the Petroleum and Gas Industry (Petroleos Mexicanos). Cotemar, S.A. de C.V., formed in 1979, is a modern Mexican company headquartered in Ciudad del Carmen. Chief Executive Director Alejandro Villarreal and CFO Javier Bortoni Olivares represented the company at HSBC’s Latin American Investment Summit 2016 in April.


Modest Service Roots to Major Service Provider. The company originally positioned itself as a service provider to shipping in Campeche Bay, providing catering and accommodations using vessels focused on underwater maintenance and people moving. Its service fleet quickly grew and by 1985 it was adding a full rig to serve offshore oil fields.


Partnering with Chinese Company Cosco. Within twenty-five years of founding, it was partnering with Cosco, constructing maintenance ships with liquid transfer capabilities and adding to its expertise in moving solid materials. By 2015, Cotemar was involved in construction of partially submersible rigs.


Major Mexican Maintenance and Accommodations Player. Last year, Cotemar’s subsidiary, Servicios a la Industria Petrolera Lifting de Mexico, won the Cuichapa Poniente area contract (Moloacan, Veracruz, Mexico).


Accommodations Focus. Cotemar provides three major services, staff support for ships and rigs being but one. Company hospitality vessels provide food, laundry, janitorial, and cabin bedding/supply needs. Employees rotate to service ships, spending lay-over time at company hotel Ciudad del Carmen. The company serves 4000 clients.


Off-Shore Maintenance. Specialized vessels include tugs, barges, transportation vessels for petroleum and gas extracted from oil fields, vessels for moving abrasives, mud, sand, etc. to drilling sites, and emergency firefighting vessels. All support operations meet ISO, ISM, and ISPS standards. Cotemar uses GPS to position and maintain service positions via dynamic motor interface with that GPS. These diving vessels enable inspection of ship and seabed possible.


Construction. Cotemar’s semi-submersible rigs facilitate marine construction with their versatility, their load capacity, and decks facilitating prefabricated sea-worthy structures.

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