Dedicated Life and Giving of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family is undoubtedly wealthy. However, there is not a lot of people know about Dick DeVos unless they work with the DeVos foundation in one of their many philanthropic ventures. Betsy is vocal and active in the field of education, and since the eighties, she has been married to Dick DeVos. Their family histories are different, but they also have a lot of similarities in their upbringing. It made them the people both are today.



Dick DeVos comes from a wealthy family too, but his father was very strict with his education. He took part in all events his family organised at their home, wiping tables, bringing dishes in and out. They were, in general, doing anything that was necessary for the events to run smoothly. It taught him the value of a personal touch in business before he joined the family company later in life.



After primary and secondary education in a public school, Dick DeVos went on to university to earn a business administration degree. His knack for business management was becoming more evident. However, his first jobs at Amway were in different departments, because just being Dick DeVos did not guarantee him a job. He worked with development, marketing, sales and finance which was his primary field of study.



He spent time working for the Orlando Magic before returning to the family company. He was able to lift Amway to new heights, expanding their worldwide sales and raising them from 5 percent to 50 percent of their total sales.



During his career Dick DeVos never forgot others. He now works with several different organisations that support education and promotes it. Education Freedom Fund so far has helped more than 4 thousand people with scholarships in Michigan. DeVos believes that everybody should be able to access education. The West Michigan Aviation Academy Dick DeVos works with improves education through an aviation lens. It is a unique way of education which asks the pupils to work harder and aim higher in life.



Leaders like Dick DeVos inspire people never to give up. His privileged background was a learning experience for DeVos as well. He encourages other well-off people to give more to their communities since they are a part of them. In Michigan, there is an entire group of individuals who come together and don’t measure each other’s wealth. They talk about the next charity opportunity and ways of more efficient giving.


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