Dick and Betsy DeVos Extraordinary Donations Revealed

The DeVos family is well known for their philanthropic efforts, but the charitable family recently unveiled the details of where their money has been going. Richard (Dick) DeVos and his lovely wife Betsy DeVos are two of the most giving individuals in the Michigan area. Their hearts lie in improving the community in any way they can, from education reform to supporting community enhancement. The couple has donated over $139 million towards various causes that they believe helps their cause. In 2015, the couple gave 11.5 million dollars alone, which is nearly four times more than the total sum donated in the last five years. Because of the enormous sum of the donations, the family ranks 24th on Forbes’ list of America’s most generous individuals.



It is well known that Betsy DeVos is very passionate about education and that passion shows in the $3 million donated in 2015 towards educational purposes. This sum makes up about 26% of total donations made in 2015 alone. They also gave about three percent of their total donations toward organizations that support reforming the current education system. Both Dick and Betsy agree that children should be able to choose any school that suits their interest, regardless of income or ZIP code. It is a problem that many low-income families face; the issue that they cannot send their children to a school due to financial hardship is something Betsy is especially determined to fix in the coming years. Dick DeVos has said that he is eager to reform the education system’s one-size-fits-all mentality, to better enable teachers and administrators to reach a wider variety of children from all walks of life.



Arts and Culture are the next biggest recipient of the DeVos family, with 21% of total donations. Following that, they donate to improving civic buildings and community spaces, leadership and development of communities, public policy, health services, and finally church and faith-based donations received the least amount of funding from the decidedly religious family. Through their financing decisions, the Devos family is eager to include all members, including their children. When talking about where best to donate their money, the DeVos children get a say as to where and how much should be spent. Dick DeVos has said that their children are well aware of where the family’s heart lies, and are eager to give to the community to make the world a little better. They have encouraged Dick and Betsy to give more to causes and to make a difference for the public. With this guidance, they have made an enormous difference in their community, as well as in many states where their education enrichment programs have taken hold.




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