Doe Deere Brings Out the Colorful Side of Her Customers

Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur, and the owner of her own successful cosmetic business. She founded Lime Crime in 2008. Doe currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.


The entire line of cosmetics and hair products is available to its many customers across the globe. When Doe launched the company, it started on a small scale. She would post her products online, on selling sites such as eBay. Her unique use of imaginative and vivid colors, all offered in her line of quality cosmetics, soon started to get noticed in a big way.


Doe Deere was raised in New York. She was born in Russia, and shortly after her family moved to the United States. After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, Doe Deere went into the fashion industry, and launched a clothing line featuring her own individual creations. She expresses her unique style and personality in her clothing and her cosmetics. She encourages her customers to freely create their own unique style, and to never be afraid of standing out from the crowd. She believes that everyone is free to express themselves as individuals. That is why her creations will always be vivid and bold, and fused with blasts of bright colors.


Lime Crime has a colorful line of cosmetics. The products are sold online, as well as through the retail market. Doe has a huge following, with millions of loyal fans and customers. The cosmetic and hair products are even presented in unique, modern, and eye catching packaging. For instance, even the lipstick cases are innovative and appealing.


Doe works closely with her entire staff, and her busy days are focused on the on the day to day activities of her company. She oversees production and quality control. She works closely with the Chief Created Director, as they constantly collaborate and brainstorm together. Doe is an avid user of social media, and she devotes much of her time communicating with her customers, and offering her useful tips and advice. She has customers in all age ranges, including young people born after 1997. This is the age group known as Generation Z. They have their own unique sense of style.


She believes that beauty products should go much further than just how it looks when it’s applied. More importantly, Doe cares about how her customers feel when they are wearing her makeup. She wants her customers to really feel good and special. Lime Crime line of products include vividly colored lipsticks and dramatic eye shadows. They were also hair coloring products and boldly colored nail polishes.


Doe Deere enjoys helping other entrepreneurs. She is a mentor to many female entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Her company, Lime Crime has grown from a small startup company, to a successful and internationally recognized contender in the competitive business of cosmetics.


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