Education Is The Focus For Philanthropist Betsy DeVos

In 2017, Betsy DeVos was finally appointed to the position of Education Secretary in the U.S. after spending much of the previous three decades seeking education reform in her home state of Michigan and across the nation. My personal knowledge of Betsy DeVos is largely based upon the work she has completed as an education reformer who has been at the heart of the development of a number of different options in the U.S. school system, including school choice, school vouchers, and the rise of the charter school system. It is always enjoyable to discover those who are fighting for a particular cause have other interests that drive them, and I was pleased to discover Secretary DeVos plays an important role on the boards of many local and national not for profit groups. Read more about her philanthropy at

The groundwork for the role of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos now undertakes seems to have been laid from a young age after I read in Mrs. DeVos’ Online biography that her own mother was a Michigan public schoolteacher, a role I believe would later prompt Betsy DeVos to seek out a role for herself as an advocate for at risk students within the Michigan public school system. Interviews I have both read and heard with Betsy DeVos give an insight into her passion for making sure each and every U.S. based student gets the best possible education regardless of where they live; one area that has made a great impression on me is the fact Betsy DeVos has looked to fight for the rights of low income families to provide a better educational experience for their children through the use of school choice programs that take zip code locations out of the equation of where a student attends school.

Although I know of Betsy DeVos as an advocate for education reform I was shocked to discover just how politically active she has been over the years, including her role as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. In Michigan a defeat over planned changes to the public school system supported by Mrs. DeVos and her husband, Dick, led to Betsy establishing The Great Lakes Education Project that sought to fight for a greater level of educational reform in Michigan with the expansion of charter school programs; the Great Lakes Education Project would later become the American Federation for Children, which allowed Betsy DeVos to move to a national stage in support of charter schools. As the co-founder of The Windquest Group alongside her billionaire former AmWay group Chair Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos impressed me with her belief in the charter school system when she established and operated the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school through her own company to show just how successful it could be. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

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