Everything You Need to Know About the Relationship Between the DREAMers and the Frontera Fund

When we talk about civil and human rights, the Frontera Fund, located in Texas, always comes to mind because of their funding support.

Other philanthropic institutions that have similar charitable goals are only existing because of the support that comes from the Frontera Fund, created by two journalists.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, has protected so many lives and dreams of children from all over the world. Almost a million individuals have been protected by DACA, and it has been reported that close to 100% of them work or study or both so they contribute a lot to the country with the taxes from the universities and colleges they’ve enrolled in and of course from the economic growth they contribute through their jobs.


Now with the very unpredictable political landscape that we are in, even programs like DACA which has done nothing but help people and protect their rights are in danger of becoming completely extinct. And this is why groups like DREAMers have been created, to protect these rights. DREAMers is the main rights group that is fighting for DACA and is being backed by the Frontera Fund.

What DACA really does is help undocumented youths who meet some specific prerequisites, not get deported. This program aims to help these undocumented youths who only came to America as young dreamers, and to help them achieve their full potential without having to fear deportation. DACA also aims to give them more opportunities like for them to have their own social security number, and an opportunity for a legal job. Currently, in many states in the US, these undocumented youths are even allowed access to a driver’s license as well as in-state-tuition fees.

The Frontera Fund of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey is a fund that aims to support groups like DREAMers who fight for social justice, human rights, migrant rights, civil rights, and freedom of speech. It is a $3.75 million fund that Jim and Michael got from the settlement money by suing the Maricopa County because of the illegal events of their arrest.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are journalists who use their profession to fight for the oppressed and expose abuse of authority. The problem began with an illegal arrest when the two decided to release an exposition on the grand jury proceedings that aims to confiscate reporters notes on news articles about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The scary part is that they also discovered the fact that the grand jury issued subpoenas of private citizens who read Phoenix New Times, where Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey published their exposes on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They sued the Maricopa County and won, and now they are using the settlement money to fund groups that fight for real justice.

Right now, the reality is that the Frontera Fund is a valuable asset to the fight of protecting these victims and raising awareness of the necessity of philanthropic institutions that can help thousands of people with their work. With the Frontera Fund giving them enough funding, they have trully changed many people’s lives.


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