Fabletics and its Successful Growth

Kate Hudson is not only a mother, but is also an actress, a model, and is now a businesswoman who has designed a product for women that are always on the go and that want to have an outfit that is dependable and that will fit any shape and size. This company that Kate Hudson has founded is known as Fabletics and is geared to help women that are always on the go feel more confident and collected with a dependable outfit. As a working mother, Kate Hudson knows how hard it is to wake up early in the morning and get ready. As a result, Fabletics solves the problem by helping each women look great and feel great as well.


Though Fabletics is only a few years old, this company has been growing at an exponential rate as more and more women are finding the benefits of wearing this athletic gear. Kate Hudson created this company due to the fact that she found a gap within the athletic gear industry. When choosing clothing for herself, she found that the sold clothes were either of high quality and too expensive or were cheap and of low quality. As a result, Kate Hudson has found a way to incorporate the best of two worlds and sell them to the everyday consumer.


Fabletics is a growing business that not only gives women an option for those long and grueling days when they are at their most tired point, but also encourages women to be more active outside or even at the gym. Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics uses fabric that perfectly accentuates the curves of every shape and size and makes any self conscious woman feel better and more confident. With the many style choices, women are encouraged to show off their new wardrobe on the go or while doing their favorite activity.


What makes Fabletics such as unique product is the unique experience that is given to each individual when they visit the Fabletics website. Each women that visits the website for the first time is asked to take a quiz that uses the information given to find the best outfit that is tailored to the style preference, what the outfit will be used for, as well as the environment that it will be used in. Fabletics has used this to make the shopping experience an enjoyable experience for all women.

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