Graeme Holm – Customer/Finance Coach Relationship Makeover

Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013, opening its doors in October of that year. Its first office was located in Port Macquarie. It was the brain child of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, who met in 2012. At the time, Rebecca was Graeme’s personal trainer. They discovered they shared much in common, including the opinion that Australian families could receive better services from their financial institutions. They worked on the business plan for Infinity Group for six months.

Graeme Holm, an MBA Top 100 Broker, has been involved in financial services for 17 years. He has proven a client advocate in financial planning and real estate and is accredited in both. His work began in the major 4 niche, where his growing frustration with pushing one branded products and services motivated him to find a more palatable solution. He aimed to improve the financial lives of Australians.

Because Graeme Holm’s philosophy is geared towards the financial security and future of his clients, with emphasis on educating them, the average Infinity customer repays a 30-year mortgage within ten years. Infinity Group brings a highly personalized coaching experience for the duration of the loan. Holm believes in creating a structured plan for his clients that effectively alters spending habits for a lifetime. He places clients on a weekly cash-based budget and discourages overspending. Not only does Holm bring direct financial benefits to his clients, but he enables them to reduce daily interest charges which in turn helps them pay their loans in a shorter time frame. He shares his own approach to daily tasks and business goals to help clients achieve financial stability through small, manageable accomplishments. Finally, Holm uses My Prosperity, a Fintech service, to help manage clients’ and his own finances.

Infinity Group Australia won the Customer Experience Management Award’s “Overall Best Organization CX in Australia” in 2018. This is just one of the company’s many accolades. According to Graeme Holm, one of the major reasons his business performs so well is collaboration. He credits not only the collaboration up top between founders and directors, but also that between employees and management and employees and other industry professionals. While it may seem a given, Holm also gives much praise to customer service. His attention to detail has paid dividends, as most customers remark on the friendliness at Infinity, the support that gives them peace of mind, and the positivity that gives them confidence.

Today Infinity Group Australia boasts five locations. The company is known for wealth creation, rapid debt reduction, and retirement services. Graeme Holm continues to help families become more financially secure through personal coaching. Learn more:


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