Has Oncotarget Uncovered E-Cigarette Health Dangers?

Who knew that the consumption of e-cigarettes would result in gum damage? Apparently Ifran Rahman had a sneaking suspicion because he conducted a study to see if his suspicions held true. And they did. As it turns out, the process of vaporization in e-cigs releases inflammatory proteins that irritate the gum cells at a molecular level. On top of this, the flavoring chemicals do much of the same damage and coupled with the vaporization effects. On top of that, they also contain nicotine which is also found in regular cigarettes. This is an addictive ingredient that also can lead to gum disease. The problem that has developed on a macro level is that people believe e-cigs are a healthy substitute to regular cigarettes. In a way they are, but they still have many harmful side effects like noted above. People are simply unaware that they are doing any damage to their health and as e-cigs continue to become more popular we will have many more unknowing victims. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Ifran Rahman holds a PHD and is a professor of medicine. The purpose of his research is to uncover health detriments as well as spread the word about unhealthy consumption. He hopes that e-cig production companies will start to reveal more of the products they use to produce e-cigs. Thus far it seems they have either been a bit selective of revealing what they use or are lazy about identifying all the products in detail. Revealing more details will allow Ifran Rahman and people in similar studies to better identify the health implications of such products and they will in turn be beter equipped to warn consumers of the consequences of said products before it is too late.

Oncotarget is a journal reviewed by peers that identifies better ways of practicing health care. It takes tried evidence of medical professionals and puts it up against other practices to see which ones will have a better end result. The end results they’re looking for is improved patient satisfaction, protocols, and patient management systems. The peer reviewed journal is a great resource for all medical professionals. Check Oncotarget journal at scimagojr.com

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