Hussain Sajwani, an Incredible Real Estate Titan

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate titan who has been shining all the way up in the said industry. Sajwani was born in 1953 and lives in Dubai. Amazingly, half of those years were spent amassing knowledge in the real estate sector. He has gained the knowledge over the years after working with important companies namely like Al Jazeira Services Co.

Details Regarding Hussain’s Career History

It was in 2002 that he founded DAMAC Properties, a real estate company whose headquarters are based in Dubai. The company gained prevalence by developing residential, leisure and commercial properties and investing in real properties.

Hussain had held senior positions in DAMAC Real Estate Development Ltd, DAMAC Invest Co. DAMAC Holding LLC, Al Jazeira Services Co., and Taiba Kuwaiti Holding Co. All these companies can be pooled in matters of real estate, implying Hussain has been in the industry long enough to earn the title of a guru.

Hussain Sajwani’s Ties with Donald Trump

Being a billionaire earned Hussain Sajwani an opportunity with world’s top billionaires including Donald Trump. His relationship with Trump has an agenda of enhancing business with The Trump Organization, a real estate firm. They have collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club and made billions in sales. Learn more about Hussein Sajwani:

Though Trump promised not to get into any business deals while still in presidency, Hussain believes that business would still flourish under the leadership of Trump’s children, particularly Ivanka whose managerial skills are on another level. They are also good ambassadors for their brand.

Exploration Into DAMAC’s Profile

Hussain Sajwani is a smart brain committed to exceptional pioneering of projects. He started on real estate deals at a tender age. In fact, at some point, his father wanted to leave him to man their family business. However, it never came to be as Hussain performed excellently in school. Hussain Sajwani family enjoys their ever-mushrooming buildings and luxurious villas in Dubai.

A Rich Golden Heart

DAMAC owner is a real giver. He funds a campaign that clothes millions of deprived children across the world. Sajwani seems aware that a prime purpose in life is to help others, thus bankrolling such projects is a way of making the world a better place altogether.

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