Igor Cornelsen Uses A Fact-Based Approach To Investing

Igor Cornelsen brings ideas to life by following the economy and investing in industries that are looking good. He also gets rid of any assets that are based in countries where he believes there will be problems related to economic choices or political issues. He does his best to look at issues clearly rather than being influenced by outside opinions, because he has found that facts are much better indicators.

He was born in Brazil in the late 1940’s and studied at the Federal University of Parana, which is an engineering school. After studying for two years at the university, he decided to change his major and began studying economics. After finishing up his education, he went to work for an investment bank and began to build his resume up. In 1974, he was recognized as being the best in his field and got moved up to serve on the Board of Directors with Multibanco. He became the CEO of Multibanco just a couple of years later and left after it was purchased by Bank of America.

Igor Cornelsen worked with Unibanco for some time after this and then began to work with the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he served its Board of Directors. He found plenty of success over the next decade and eventually moved on to create his own investment firm. The idea for his own firm came from all of the years he had spent working as an investment banker. He eventually was aware of way too many profitable possibilities that he could not pass up.

Igor Cornelsen knows that a lot of the news out there in the world today is biased, and for this reason, he relies on the neutral approach of Reuters to get his news. He starts his day early in the morning just as the markets in Europe open up and soaks up everything he can related to economics and international news throughout the day. He also attends different meetings and speaks to friends and colleagues about their views. He loves to find trends before other investors do and relies on solid information to discover these.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: https://affiliatedork.com/economic-confidence-is-improving-in-brazil-according-to-igor-cornelsen

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