Johanan Rand And His Work In Healthy Aging Aims To Improve Patients Quality Of Life

There is a sector in medicine that primarily focuses on enhancing and restoring people’s functional ability as well as the quality of life. Medical professionals who advocate this approach usually work with their patients by improving their quality of life and developing their independence. The American Board of Physical Medicine was incorporated officially in 1947 for this purpose. One of the proponents of this approach is Johanan Rand.


This man is a medical doctor who established the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is also currently the centers’ medical director. He studied medicine in the famous Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Rand’s work in this field of medicine has earned him numerous recognitions and awards coming from his colleagues and patients. He is also constantly upgrading his treatment methods to keep pace with whatever are the current scientific studies.


To ensure that he only practices safe treatment methods, Johanan Rand depends exclusively on peer-reviewed research results that are hinged on factual evidence. This assures his patients that the treatment modalities that they will receive from him are all based on tested, sound and proven medical research.


One of the overall objectives of Johanan Rand is to provide his patients with greater chances for optimum healthy aging. He accomplishes this by promoting vitality and health to fight diseases. In performing his medical practice, Rand strives to display behaviors that will help to achieve his goals, believing this all-encompassing approach to health is the answer.


He demonstrates the validity of this approach by living a healthy and active life style that is characterized by healthy eating, yoga and martial arts practice, taking of high-quality nutritional supplements and cardiovascular training. The patients who are able to incorporate this kind of lifestyle choices can look forward to a life that will support the clinical treatments that they receive from Rand’s medical centers.


One mode of treatment that deserves special mention is the bioidentical hormone therapy being utilized by Johanan Rand at his medical centers. Instead of using synthetic hormones that don’t match the hormones of patients, this therapy employs hormones that are identical to the naturally occurring hormones of patients. In this therapy, patients are helped in alleviating their afflictions which include heart diseases, tooth decay and breast cancer.


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