Mike Baur is a great businessman and successful entrepreneur from Switzerland. He is the founder of the Swiss startup factory. Mr. Mike has an Executive Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Bern. His exceptional career began UBS where he worked as an apprentice. Baur worked his way up until he became part of the management team at one of the largest Swiss private banks. He worked in the banking world for more than 20 years. He admits that being an entrepreneur, he can network with both the world of banking and that of startups. He continues by stating that the banking world platform adds a lot of value to his work. Mike has a great passion for his work which includes startup DNA, startup acceleration work, startup investment and startup scouting.

His main aim is to inspire and influence the people of his country, Switzerland, to come up with startup ideas that will aim at creating the next big company in the country today. Unlike many people who believe in tomorrow, Mike Baur believes in today and says that the time to develop digital transformation and significant business model shifts is now. His mission is to create a bridge between the new and the old economy that will help solve the conflicts that come with digital transformation. He is an active member of the Digital Board which is available in many companies in Switzerland.

His commitment to sharing the knowledge about the importance of increasing the number of startup ideas and the digital companies in Switzerland has seen him become a principal speaker at startup events, universities, small and mid-size companies.

Other than his great passion for his job, Mike Baur is an ardent fan of sports. He loves his hometown hockey club, and he actively follows the Swiss tennis pros. He is an active listener to his colleagues, investors and any other person who is an expert in the startup business. Mike Baur is always ready to give introductions and offer funding advice to any person who is willing and able to join the startup world.


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