Norman Pattiz on Benefits of Podcast Advertising

In Feb.9, 2017 Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster, The Edison Research VP announced the results of a survey conducted. They were looking at the results after undertaking advertising tests with five national consumer brands. The studies were done over the last half of 2016, showing a positive impact of podcast advertising on brand recall, the intent to buy and recall of specific messaging. Learn more:


The key findings they were able to acquire were positive. The results showed that from 7% in the pre-study the number raised to over 60% of listeners mentioning a particular brand in the post-campaign. The second one was the awareness of an unaided product increased from the pre-study to post-study by a greater percentage. For a financial services products, the rate rose by 47%, for an automotive aftermarket product the increase was by 37% and for a lawn and garden product the increase was by 24%. The third was, in the post-survey, listeners had more certain preferences for the different products. Learn more:


The percentage of an automotive aftermarket product increased from the 18% in the pre-study. For lawn and garden product the percentage increased from 16% in the pre-study to 22% in the post-study. Lastly, a particular campaign message awareness rose to 60 % for an automobile aftermarket product and a casual dining restaurant by 76%. Learn more:


In 2016, the survey was done in three separate studies by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne to show how efficient podcast advertising was for the five national brands. Some of the brands were famous but were launching new messaging. Some were not that known, and they wanted to create the awareness. The survey was conducted before podcast advertising and others after advertisements had run for 4-6 weeks on those podcasts. The pre- and post- campaign studies showed that the audience was ready to consider buying the products from the different brands. The conclusion of the study was impressive, and it was proven that podcast advertising has a positive impact for various brands. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne. Norman is also the Starter of Westwood one, which became America’s largest broadcast industry. In 2010, he was the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group and launched it. The PodcastOne is today global dealing with huge personalities and brands. It has become a success under his leadership an idea that came from a simple situation. Learn more:


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