Packing For Singapore

On September 22,2016 Kim Dao started packing for her trip to Singapore( She had one suitcase that was filled with all the Pokemon dolls that people had given her. Kim Dao wanted to bring them back to Australia. Kim Dao decided to put the dolls in vacuum sealed bags without pumping the air out of the bags with a vacuum hose. She used a huge suitcase.Learn more :


When Kim Dao finished putting her Pokemon dolls into bags, she decided to vacuum seal her clothes the same way she sealed her dolls. Some of her clothes were too big for her, so Kim Dao wanted her to take them in. Kim Dao admits that being a last minute packer is a fault of hers. She also packed some shampoo, cream hair mask, a Harry Potter book,  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ,for her boyfriend to read, gold fish statues for Eric’s dad, and some camera equipment. Kim Dao packed some dog clothes for Yuki. Kim Dao included a hair curler and a bathing suit for swimming in Singapore. Kim Dao was packing a lot clothes, including the outfits she no longer wore. She was considering selling them on eBay. It looked like she planned to stop over in Australia before going on to Singapore,especially since she and Eric were going on this trip together, and he was back in Australia.Learn more :


Kim Dao opened up a shopping bag filled with packs of candy, including three packs of Kit Kat bars.Learn more :


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