Meet Whitney Wolfe: A Brilliant Young Entrepreneur

Meet Whitney Wolfe: A Brilliant Young Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe is the founder as well as the chief executive officer of an app called Bumble. Many people admire her for being a visionary and original thinker. The brilliant and young entrepreneur did not only create a fantastic global firm, but she has also done a lot to improve communities from different parts of the country. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe introduced Bumble into the market with the ambition of changing the manner in which individuals date by simply putting ladies first. In this app, all interactions must be started by a lady. Nowadays, the app has more than 500 million users. Besides facilitating online dating, the platform has also created a room for career networking.

In the year 2016, Bumble was the fourth dating app when it comes to popularity. Whitney has been recognized by various companies and organizations for her commitment and dedication when it comes to empowering women.

The headquarters, of Bumble are situated in Austin and are commonly referred to as ‘The Hive.’ The structures are designed in such a way that every section inspires confidence and positivity. The entryways, Conference rooms, light switches, and bathroom mirrors display inspirational as well as on-brand phrases such as “Bee Positive”, “Make the First Move”, and many more. 85% of the employees at Bumble are females.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe, an American entrepreneur was born in the year 1989 in a place known as Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the founder Chief executive officer of the Bumble as well as the co-founder of Tinder, a dating app. She launched Bumble in the year 2014. According to Forbes, the firm has a value of about 1billion U.S. dollars.

Whitney is the daughter of Michael Wolf, a property developer and Kelly, who is a housewife. She is an alumnus of Southern Methodist University. She took a course in international studies during her undergraduate studies. She started sharpening her entrepreneur skills while in college when she was 19 years of age. She used to sell bags which became popular when photos of celebrities like Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe with them went viral. Immediately after her graduation, Wolfe Herd moved to Asia where she began working at orphanages.

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A Look At Two Major Brazilian Companies Guilherme Paulus Started

When CVC Brasil Operadora opened its doors in 1972 it was a small tour operator. Its co-founders were Guilherme Paulus and his business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Cerchiari left this company after a few years and Guilherme Paulus used his innovation and collaborating with others to build CVC into what it is today. He is originally from Sao Paulo and has a degree in business administration.

After not too many years CVC became the biggest tour operator in Brazil and then Latin America. He has built partnerships throughout the world including in the United States, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. His company now has 30,000 partnerships including those with land and sea carriers, airlines, and hotels. Guilherme Paulus has received international acclaim including having been honored by the French government in 2012. Other recognitions include the magazine Viagem e Turismo calling him Personality of the Year and being named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

In 2009 he sold a large part of CVC to Carlyle Group which is a global investment fund. He said at the time that he thought they could take his company to the next level. He kept 8% of CVC and sold the rest which earned him $750 million. In 2013 CVC had its initial public offering and is now trading on the Brazilian stock market.

Not willing to rest on his laurels, Guilherme Paulus opened what would become a major Brazilian hotel chain in 2005, GJP Hotels and Resorts. He has a chain of three to five star hotels and resorts located in Brazil’s major tourist destinations. He also opened Saint Andrews which is a luxury resort in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul. Some of these are golf hotels and one of them, the Wish Resort Golf Convention, was named by the World Golf Awards as the best golf course and hotel in Brazil in 20107. He is also opening his first condominium project near this golf course which will be upscale and include 109 residential units.

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Igor Cornelsen Uses A Fact-Based Approach To Investing

Igor Cornelsen brings ideas to life by following the economy and investing in industries that are looking good. He also gets rid of any assets that are based in countries where he believes there will be problems related to economic choices or political issues. He does his best to look at issues clearly rather than being influenced by outside opinions, because he has found that facts are much better indicators.

He was born in Brazil in the late 1940’s and studied at the Federal University of Parana, which is an engineering school. After studying for two years at the university, he decided to change his major and began studying economics. After finishing up his education, he went to work for an investment bank and began to build his resume up. In 1974, he was recognized as being the best in his field and got moved up to serve on the Board of Directors with Multibanco. He became the CEO of Multibanco just a couple of years later and left after it was purchased by Bank of America.

Igor Cornelsen worked with Unibanco for some time after this and then began to work with the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he served its Board of Directors. He found plenty of success over the next decade and eventually moved on to create his own investment firm. The idea for his own firm came from all of the years he had spent working as an investment banker. He eventually was aware of way too many profitable possibilities that he could not pass up.

Igor Cornelsen knows that a lot of the news out there in the world today is biased, and for this reason, he relies on the neutral approach of Reuters to get his news. He starts his day early in the morning just as the markets in Europe open up and soaks up everything he can related to economics and international news throughout the day. He also attends different meetings and speaks to friends and colleagues about their views. He loves to find trends before other investors do and relies on solid information to discover these.

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Jeunesse Global Microcream Product

The mission of Jeunesse is to change the lives of people all over the world. Jeunesse was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in the year 2009. Ray and Lewis have a strong desire to share their newly developed products with the world. Their line of products was launched on the 9th of September as Ray and Lewis both arose from retirement.

Their innovative products are a part of what they call the Y.E.S. System. The title stands for Youth Enhancement System. The product collection has powerful synergistic skincare and dietary supplements within the system. The goal behind the use of the products is to help individuals feel and look young in an environment of empowerment and self-development.

Some products offered by Jeunesse include:

  • Instantly Ageless- This microcream works to eliminate the appearance of fine lines, pores, under-eye bags, and wrinkles. With six to nine hours of targeted coverage, the cream is quick and effective in aiding in the reduction of aging signs. This product comes with five strips of five multi-use vials.
  • LuminesceThis is a complete line of skincare products. Each product focuses on restoring the elements of your youth. The Luminesce line offers moisturizing and cleansing creams that work to cleanse and renew your authentic youthful skin. Each formula within the products was developed by dermatologists to include APT-200.
  • NV- For an airbrushed finish, this facial ensemble includes a bronzer, primer and foundation. Within this formula, you will find APT-200 to further aid in rejuvenating your youthful glow.
  • AM & PM Essentials- Dietary supplements designated for morning and night, work to give your body what it needs during the early hours of the day and late hours of the night. Each bottle contains 60 capsules for a total of 120. These dietary supplements hold many benefits. They aid in the maintenance of the health of your body’s composition. You will notice stronger hair, a stronger immune system and stronger nails as a result of utilizing these supplements. Each capsule has nutrients, extracts, vitamins and antioxidants that work to guard your cells against damage caused by free radicals.

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Ann Scango is a Local Texas Artist who Heading Toward National Recognition

Ann Scango is a sculptor from the San Antonio area. Her artistic talents have helped her to become a famous artist throughout the city of San Antonio and Texas. She is poised to become a nationally recognized artistic talent. Her specialty lies in the discipline of sculptures and she also creates molding and collage pieces as well. Ann Scango has been an artist for many years but is now gaining a national following. Here is a brief synopsis of Scango and her amazing work.

Image result for contemporary art

Scango started her artistic journey as a young girl within the city of Austin. Her mom stated that she has been making artful creations since the early years of her life. Apparently, Ann Scango had artistic creativity inside of her spirit since she was a young little girl. Ann’s mother was an artist also since she stated that she would take her mother’s art supplies and utilize them to make different types of creations.

Love part 2

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This strong desire would eventually blossom later in life urging Ann Scango on to become a passionate art creator. She spent many years developing and perfecting her talent. She eventually discovered that she enjoyed sculpting objects and she figured out how to create different types of projects.

Scango eventually spent many years trying to get her collection up and going. It was not easy. This is especially true for a woman. While there are female artists who have made a name for themselves, Scango realizes that women still needed to make an impact in this area. Speaking of which, Scango is a feminist.

She loves her children, female empowerment and is crazy about the environment. All of these attributes of Ann shows up in her work. Starting in 2016, Ann Scango has managed to gain statewide recognition for her talents. Scango has a fresh artistic talent that is hard to deny. She knows that she still has a long way to go even with her recent achievements. People should be on the look-out for Ann Scango in the future and her amazing works of art.

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Ted Bauman Talks Protection Against Economic Decline

As a young man, Ted Bauman emigrated to South Africa, where he attended the University of Cape Town, eventually garnering postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. This would mark the beginning of a career that would span the course of two decades, where Mr. Bauman worked as an executive in the nonprofit sector. Over the years, he would work with a number of reputable entities, including the World Bank, and would also help to found a variety of world-changing initiatives, including Slum Dwellers International, which would assist millions of people in securing adequate housing. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, after concluding his 25-year career in South Africa, and now resides in Atlanta, GA with his family.

Ted Bauman generally begins his workday early in the morning, and after taking his daughter to school, he returns home to work in his home office. During this period, he researches the changes and upcoming economic trends occurring around the world, searching for pertinent information to relay to his growing audience. In order to bring his ideas to life, Ted Bauman utilizes his considerable narrative skill set, transforming information that he admits, could be considered mundane, into informative and accessible research tools. One area that Mr. Bauman specializes in, is wealth management and asset protection.

In his opinion, there are several keys to protecting one’s wealth for the future, which included, adopting a balanced viewpoint, creating a wall of protection around your portfolio, and investing in stocks, as well as bonds. Today, the lure of achieving a substantial gain from investing in stocks often steers many investors away from bonds, but, according to Ted Bauman, investing in both will allow for greater protection during market crashes and other forms of economic decline. Investing in bonds allows for the investor to reap benefits in the form of dividends, which is significantly less risky than their counterparts, due to the fact that the monies attained, are accrued on a monthly basis, and are not affected by “daily stock market gains or losses.” Investors are also a lot less likely to invest in bonds due to the notion that many are relatively uninformed regarding their procedures and processes.

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Graeme Holm – Customer/Finance Coach Relationship Makeover

Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013, opening its doors in October of that year. Its first office was located in Port Macquarie. It was the brain child of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, who met in 2012. At the time, Rebecca was Graeme’s personal trainer. They discovered they shared much in common, including the opinion that Australian families could receive better services from their financial institutions. They worked on the business plan for Infinity Group for six months.

Graeme Holm, an MBA Top 100 Broker, has been involved in financial services for 17 years. He has proven a client advocate in financial planning and real estate and is accredited in both. His work began in the major 4 niche, where his growing frustration with pushing one branded products and services motivated him to find a more palatable solution. He aimed to improve the financial lives of Australians.

Because Graeme Holm’s philosophy is geared towards the financial security and future of his clients, with emphasis on educating them, the average Infinity customer repays a 30-year mortgage within ten years. Infinity Group brings a highly personalized coaching experience for the duration of the loan. Holm believes in creating a structured plan for his clients that effectively alters spending habits for a lifetime. He places clients on a weekly cash-based budget and discourages overspending. Not only does Holm bring direct financial benefits to his clients, but he enables them to reduce daily interest charges which in turn helps them pay their loans in a shorter time frame. He shares his own approach to daily tasks and business goals to help clients achieve financial stability through small, manageable accomplishments. Finally, Holm uses My Prosperity, a Fintech service, to help manage clients’ and his own finances.

Infinity Group Australia won the Customer Experience Management Award’s “Overall Best Organization CX in Australia” in 2018. This is just one of the company’s many accolades. According to Graeme Holm, one of the major reasons his business performs so well is collaboration. He credits not only the collaboration up top between founders and directors, but also that between employees and management and employees and other industry professionals. While it may seem a given, Holm also gives much praise to customer service. His attention to detail has paid dividends, as most customers remark on the friendliness at Infinity, the support that gives them peace of mind, and the positivity that gives them confidence.

Today Infinity Group Australia boasts five locations. The company is known for wealth creation, rapid debt reduction, and retirement services. Graeme Holm continues to help families become more financially secure through personal coaching. Learn more:


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Johanan Rand And His Work In Healthy Aging Aims To Improve Patients Quality Of Life

There is a sector in medicine that primarily focuses on enhancing and restoring people’s functional ability as well as the quality of life. Medical professionals who advocate this approach usually work with their patients by improving their quality of life and developing their independence. The American Board of Physical Medicine was incorporated officially in 1947 for this purpose. One of the proponents of this approach is Johanan Rand.


This man is a medical doctor who established the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is also currently the centers’ medical director. He studied medicine in the famous Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Rand’s work in this field of medicine has earned him numerous recognitions and awards coming from his colleagues and patients. He is also constantly upgrading his treatment methods to keep pace with whatever are the current scientific studies.


To ensure that he only practices safe treatment methods, Johanan Rand depends exclusively on peer-reviewed research results that are hinged on factual evidence. This assures his patients that the treatment modalities that they will receive from him are all based on tested, sound and proven medical research.


One of the overall objectives of Johanan Rand is to provide his patients with greater chances for optimum healthy aging. He accomplishes this by promoting vitality and health to fight diseases. In performing his medical practice, Rand strives to display behaviors that will help to achieve his goals, believing this all-encompassing approach to health is the answer.


He demonstrates the validity of this approach by living a healthy and active life style that is characterized by healthy eating, yoga and martial arts practice, taking of high-quality nutritional supplements and cardiovascular training. The patients who are able to incorporate this kind of lifestyle choices can look forward to a life that will support the clinical treatments that they receive from Rand’s medical centers.


One mode of treatment that deserves special mention is the bioidentical hormone therapy being utilized by Johanan Rand at his medical centers. Instead of using synthetic hormones that don’t match the hormones of patients, this therapy employs hormones that are identical to the naturally occurring hormones of patients. In this therapy, patients are helped in alleviating their afflictions which include heart diseases, tooth decay and breast cancer.


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Stansberry Research Offers Insight to Trump’s Tariff

Based on a recent article posted by, the United States might be inching closer to a international trade war. With President Donald Trump, of the United States, imposing tariffs on aluminum and steel, every trading partner is having to scramble to make changes. According to Stansberry Research, a publisher of financial information, the president is proposing a 10% increase for aluminum and a 25% increase for steel. These changes have only increased international tensions and even some within the United States. While opposing Trump’s ideas might just be a tactic used to gain favor, doing so could cause its own issues.


Stansberry Research believes that such a high tariff on aluminum and steel will actually work against what the President wants. Both industries have been struggling to maintain employees within the United States, with many companies looking overseas to find new workers. While the tariff may cause some companies to return to the States, many doubt that the change will occur right away. Instead those in the industry are more likely to increase prices to make higher profits. They might also cut jobs to level out the cost of having to deal with these new tariffs. This will have an impact on everyone who works with these companies. The aluminum and steel industries are powerhouses all to themselves. Almost every United States citizen will be affected by this tariff and trade war if one were to occur.


Stansberry Research warns about the ramifications of those who grow frustrated with President Trump’s tariff. The European Union has already set up their own 25% tariff on anything they plan to import from the United States. Canada and China are also looking to set up their own tariff in response. With almost all major companies working with China for some part of manufacturing, it is almost impossible to avoid being influences by this impending trade war. Due to Gary Cohn, Trump’s economic advisor, stepping down, Stansberry Research also believes that there is no one close to the President fighting against the implementation of this tariff. Stansberry Research will monitor the situation and give updated information when it is available.


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Robert Deignan Preaches Long Hours and Dedication

Today, Robert Deignan is the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, helping to co-found the company in August of 2011, after a very successful career as a top executive at Fanlink Inc., as well as iS3 Inc. Mr. Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership in 1995. Through his company, ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan, and his expert staff help to assist their customers through troubleshooting issues with their home computers, without the hassle of having to leave their location, instead utilizing a remote approach.

It was during Robert Deignan’s time with an anti-malware software company, that Robert Deignan had the idea to create ATS Digital Services. At the time, many of his former employer’s customers were experiencing issues with installing the new anti-malware software, and they soon discovered that the malware itself was inhibiting the home users from completing the installation. In order to resolve the issue, they began utilizing the services of their in-house technicians, which allowed them to assist with troubleshooting issues remotely. The response from the customers was immediately positive, and when Robert Deignan and his business partners decided to leave the company, they saw an opportunity to offer a new service that would be lucrative to their business, and equally helpful to their clients.

Robert Deignan usually begins his day around 5:00 each morning, meeting a friend for an hour’s workout at the gym, before returning home and heading to the office by 8:00. An integral part of his occupation is bringing his ideas to life, which usually occurs during periods in which he is disconnected from his phone and computer, and more in tune with nature. He sites his “summertime trips to Costa Rica,” as well as his “winter snowboarding trips to Colorado,” as the times for which many of his most promising ideas are created. Despite the long hours, and rigors of running a company, Mr. Deignan points to his incredible team, particularly his business partners, which allow for an open forum of “brilliant” ideas, as a prime factor in his ability to bring his ideas to fruition.

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