Using the Power of Securus Technologies to Find Fugitives

When my fugitive task force was called last week because a suspect we arrested was out of jail already, we knew we had to take action quickly. This was a very violent offender, and somehow he was able to get free from custody during a trip to the courthouse, and he was back on the streets. The call was urgent because this fugitive was capable of going on a violent crime spree at any moment.


Although we knew that the fugitive had help from inside the jail, we weren’t sure which inmates were responsible. Our hopes were to figure out who they were and then try to piece this all together so we could locate this fugitive before anyone was hurt. What we didn’t know at the time was Securus Technologies recently updated the call system in this jail the inmates make use of when they are talking to those on the outside.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Texas, and the CEO says all of his employees are dedicated to a single objective, making our world safe. The monitoring system is currently in over 2,600 jails in this country, and soon to be more based on how successful it has been in crime prevention.


Soon after the fugitive was on the run, it appeared his connection inside was already on the phone making sure everything played out as planned. The LBS software was able to detect chatter specific to our fugitive, and the call opened the door to pointing to a group of individuals who were in fact housing him. After a long night of surveillance, we saw our suspect the next morning trying to get in a car that was headed out of the area. Thanks to all the team that is working at Securus Technologies, we utilized the monitor to catch this fugitive.


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Richard Blair Helps the Investors that Did Not Realize they Needed Help

When it comes to saving for retirement and planning for the financial future of a household many investors have issues. Some of them may assume that they can wait another 5 or 10 years before they even get started. There are others that are thinking that the investment world is filled with magical stocks that are simply going to yield the highest returns on investments because these are hot stocks for the moment.


These are the type of investors that get into the market without doing the research and instantly become disappointed. They may not have realized the amount of research that it truly takes to devise a successful portfolio. The lack of research makes these investors pessimistic about their financial futures. This is why someone like Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is so vital to the financial planning industry. He is essentially the investment planner that helps those people that did not realize they needed a financial planner.


It is true that people can engage in financial planning on their own. This is the reason that many people are often misled into thinking that they do not need a planner. The average person that is investing will put money away into a 401k or IRA plan, but most of these people will sit these investments on autopilot. They never go back to check to see if they need to make changes ( The aggressive investor may keep a portfolio that is entirely aggressive and lose all that they have. The investor that is a moderate or slow growth investor may keep everything the same in their portfolio and barely gain any returns on investment because they were too scared to take the risk.


Richard Blair is the savior in the financial planning world that comes along as the voice of reason. He can help the aggressive and moderate investor see that they cannot do 100% at one end of the spectrum or the other. It is people like Richard Blair that makes investors see that diversification is the key to better financial planning.


He helps these investors realize that the money that they are trying to make will only come when they are willing to invest in a plethora of different investment opportunities. They must consider things like technical stocks as well as industrial stocks. They may also need to consider mutual funds and annuities as part of their portfolio.



Securus Technologies Allowing Officer to Maintain Order

The safety of officers inside prison is priority one, and it is more challenging than you realize to maintain a degree of safety in a dangerous jail. Even with a strong police presence, officers are outnumbered by inmates who have nothing but time to try and find angles to exploit behind bars. Despite these disadvantages, me and my fellow officers have discovered a secret to keeping the peace and staying ahead of any potential problems that could catch us off guard.


Securus Technologies was commissioned to install their inmate call monitoring system inside our facility so that we could have a better time listening to the inmates using the phones in the jail. The company is based in Texas and already has their systems in thousands of prisons around the country. If the CEO of Securus Technologies says the objective of his company is to make the world safer, then you know you are working with a company that does have your best interest at heart.


We were taught how the LBS software worked and were eager to see the system in action. The most surprising part of the system is that we no longer has to physically be there listening to the calls, the software did all the work and only alerted us if something of concern may have been said by the inmates.


This month alone, we were alerted when an inmate talked about a knife he hid in the prison yard to use in a fight against a rival gang. My team got another alert when an inmate was discussing how he could easily get drugs in the visitor center by using his elderly mother. Each time we get that alert from the LBS software about a problem, now we can get in position to stop the trouble from becoming an issue with the guards.

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Dedicated Life and Giving of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family is undoubtedly wealthy. However, there is not a lot of people know about Dick DeVos unless they work with the DeVos foundation in one of their many philanthropic ventures. Betsy is vocal and active in the field of education, and since the eighties, she has been married to Dick DeVos. Their family histories are different, but they also have a lot of similarities in their upbringing. It made them the people both are today.



Dick DeVos comes from a wealthy family too, but his father was very strict with his education. He took part in all events his family organised at their home, wiping tables, bringing dishes in and out. They were, in general, doing anything that was necessary for the events to run smoothly. It taught him the value of a personal touch in business before he joined the family company later in life.



After primary and secondary education in a public school, Dick DeVos went on to university to earn a business administration degree. His knack for business management was becoming more evident. However, his first jobs at Amway were in different departments, because just being Dick DeVos did not guarantee him a job. He worked with development, marketing, sales and finance which was his primary field of study.



He spent time working for the Orlando Magic before returning to the family company. He was able to lift Amway to new heights, expanding their worldwide sales and raising them from 5 percent to 50 percent of their total sales.



During his career Dick DeVos never forgot others. He now works with several different organisations that support education and promotes it. Education Freedom Fund so far has helped more than 4 thousand people with scholarships in Michigan. DeVos believes that everybody should be able to access education. The West Michigan Aviation Academy Dick DeVos works with improves education through an aviation lens. It is a unique way of education which asks the pupils to work harder and aim higher in life.



Leaders like Dick DeVos inspire people never to give up. His privileged background was a learning experience for DeVos as well. He encourages other well-off people to give more to their communities since they are a part of them. In Michigan, there is an entire group of individuals who come together and don’t measure each other’s wealth. They talk about the next charity opportunity and ways of more efficient giving.


For updates, follow Dick DeVos on Facebook.

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Norman Pattiz on Benefits of Podcast Advertising

In Feb.9, 2017 Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster, The Edison Research VP announced the results of a survey conducted. They were looking at the results after undertaking advertising tests with five national consumer brands. The studies were done over the last half of 2016, showing a positive impact of podcast advertising on brand recall, the intent to buy and recall of specific messaging. Learn more:


The key findings they were able to acquire were positive. The results showed that from 7% in the pre-study the number raised to over 60% of listeners mentioning a particular brand in the post-campaign. The second one was the awareness of an unaided product increased from the pre-study to post-study by a greater percentage. For a financial services products, the rate rose by 47%, for an automotive aftermarket product the increase was by 37% and for a lawn and garden product the increase was by 24%. The third was, in the post-survey, listeners had more certain preferences for the different products. Learn more:


The percentage of an automotive aftermarket product increased from the 18% in the pre-study. For lawn and garden product the percentage increased from 16% in the pre-study to 22% in the post-study. Lastly, a particular campaign message awareness rose to 60 % for an automobile aftermarket product and a casual dining restaurant by 76%. Learn more:


In 2016, the survey was done in three separate studies by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne to show how efficient podcast advertising was for the five national brands. Some of the brands were famous but were launching new messaging. Some were not that known, and they wanted to create the awareness. The survey was conducted before podcast advertising and others after advertisements had run for 4-6 weeks on those podcasts. The pre- and post- campaign studies showed that the audience was ready to consider buying the products from the different brands. The conclusion of the study was impressive, and it was proven that podcast advertising has a positive impact for various brands. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne. Norman is also the Starter of Westwood one, which became America’s largest broadcast industry. In 2010, he was the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group and launched it. The PodcastOne is today global dealing with huge personalities and brands. It has become a success under his leadership an idea that came from a simple situation. Learn more:


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We Support End Citizens United Quite A Lot

There are a number of people who are supporting End Citizens United as we are, and we believe in their mission quite a lot. I am happy to help them, and we are quite close to reaching our goal of $35 million. I want to see the mission make it throughout a number of places around America, and I want it to change our local community. This article shows how we are making changes to the way that we are holding elections.


#1: Changing Campaign Laws


There are many campaign finance laws that we have questions about, and End Citizens United wants it to change so that we will give everyone the chance to be elected. It is much easier for someone to run when they do not need to be wealthy, and we have seen that you truly must be rich if you wish to hold an election. There are many people who are bright and have good intentions, but they simply cannot run because they do not have the funds.


#2: Changing The Laws


The laws that must change all govern campaign finances, and they are quite difficult for someone to understand if they have never seen them before. We will find that there are many people who simply do not know what the laws are, and they do not know that big money causes problems that will ripple through all of government. I hope the laws will change so that we will avoid things such as Donald Trump being elected President. We must ensure that the country is better for our kids, but we are seeing that the baby boomers are the first to not care.


#3: Online Information


There are many people who are hoping to use online information to learn about End Citizens United, and I know that they will learn quite a lot if they see the things that I post from social media. I am impressed with the way that the PAC has posted information, and I know that they will continue to post items because they want to teach people how the government actually works. They want to post news stories that will show people what they need to know, and they will learn quite a lot in the process.


There are many people who will find that the End Citizens United PAC is helping their life improve. They are pushing for changes before the 2018 midterm elections, and they are showing people how to get the results they need. This is one of the simplest ways for someone to learn how America elects people, and they will have more ways to make changes to the government that impacts their lives every day.

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Education Is The Focus For Philanthropist Betsy DeVos

In 2017, Betsy DeVos was finally appointed to the position of Education Secretary in the U.S. after spending much of the previous three decades seeking education reform in her home state of Michigan and across the nation. My personal knowledge of Betsy DeVos is largely based upon the work she has completed as an education reformer who has been at the heart of the development of a number of different options in the U.S. school system, including school choice, school vouchers, and the rise of the charter school system. It is always enjoyable to discover those who are fighting for a particular cause have other interests that drive them, and I was pleased to discover Secretary DeVos plays an important role on the boards of many local and national not for profit groups. Read more about her philanthropy at

The groundwork for the role of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos now undertakes seems to have been laid from a young age after I read in Mrs. DeVos’ Online biography that her own mother was a Michigan public schoolteacher, a role I believe would later prompt Betsy DeVos to seek out a role for herself as an advocate for at risk students within the Michigan public school system. Interviews I have both read and heard with Betsy DeVos give an insight into her passion for making sure each and every U.S. based student gets the best possible education regardless of where they live; one area that has made a great impression on me is the fact Betsy DeVos has looked to fight for the rights of low income families to provide a better educational experience for their children through the use of school choice programs that take zip code locations out of the equation of where a student attends school.

Although I know of Betsy DeVos as an advocate for education reform I was shocked to discover just how politically active she has been over the years, including her role as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. In Michigan a defeat over planned changes to the public school system supported by Mrs. DeVos and her husband, Dick, led to Betsy establishing The Great Lakes Education Project that sought to fight for a greater level of educational reform in Michigan with the expansion of charter school programs; the Great Lakes Education Project would later become the American Federation for Children, which allowed Betsy DeVos to move to a national stage in support of charter schools. As the co-founder of The Windquest Group alongside her billionaire former AmWay group Chair Dick DeVos, Betsy DeVos impressed me with her belief in the charter school system when she established and operated the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school through her own company to show just how successful it could be. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

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Dr. Richard Shinto: Leading the Way to Quality Medical Care for All

When a company’s customer satisfaction rate is consistently at 90% or higher, we should all pay attention. Successful companies are made with successful leaders, and those who appreciate and leverage the talent of their employees.

Dr. Shinto practiced Pulmonary and Internal Medicine in California for over two decades and also holds an MBA from the University of Redlands. He obtained his B.S. from the University of California at Irvine and his M.D. from SUNY Stoney Brook. His many accolades include recognition as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for New Jersey and Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Minority Health Care Executives.

Learn more:

Rick is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, based in Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto was the President and CEO of Aveta Inc., until its sale in 2012. InnovaCare has led the way in servicing those who are underserved in North America – and for Rick, he won’t stop there – it’s not just about enabling access to Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Rick Shinto secret sauce to success is a team that shares the same values and leverages their experiences to drive towards achieving the same goals. Together, not only do they strive to help provide quality healthcare to all, but they also work towards educating the patients and members they serve – a proven cost-saving measure for both medical providers and patients. Moreover, InnovaCare also provides support to the families of their patients and members who are undergoing medical treatment. It’s this full-service approach and empathetic style that helps InnovaCare’s 200,000 and growing members give the company top ratings.

Dr. Shinto added to his team of top players by bringing on Penelope Kokkinides who is now InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. She joined the company with over 20 years of experience in clinical program development, healthcare, managed care and operations as well as organizational infrastructure and efficiency. Kokkinides has her undergraduate degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University, a master’s degree from NYU, and two additional advanced degrees from Columbia University.

Through teamwork and forward-thinking vision, Dr. Shinto and his team help InnovaCare show the managed healthcare services industry that a company can be successful when patients come first and where quality medical care is the end goal. Read more at about Rick Shinto.

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Fabletics and its Successful Growth

Kate Hudson is not only a mother, but is also an actress, a model, and is now a businesswoman who has designed a product for women that are always on the go and that want to have an outfit that is dependable and that will fit any shape and size. This company that Kate Hudson has founded is known as Fabletics and is geared to help women that are always on the go feel more confident and collected with a dependable outfit. As a working mother, Kate Hudson knows how hard it is to wake up early in the morning and get ready. As a result, Fabletics solves the problem by helping each women look great and feel great as well.


Though Fabletics is only a few years old, this company has been growing at an exponential rate as more and more women are finding the benefits of wearing this athletic gear. Kate Hudson created this company due to the fact that she found a gap within the athletic gear industry. When choosing clothing for herself, she found that the sold clothes were either of high quality and too expensive or were cheap and of low quality. As a result, Kate Hudson has found a way to incorporate the best of two worlds and sell them to the everyday consumer.


Fabletics is a growing business that not only gives women an option for those long and grueling days when they are at their most tired point, but also encourages women to be more active outside or even at the gym. Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics uses fabric that perfectly accentuates the curves of every shape and size and makes any self conscious woman feel better and more confident. With the many style choices, women are encouraged to show off their new wardrobe on the go or while doing their favorite activity.


What makes Fabletics such as unique product is the unique experience that is given to each individual when they visit the Fabletics website. Each women that visits the website for the first time is asked to take a quiz that uses the information given to find the best outfit that is tailored to the style preference, what the outfit will be used for, as well as the environment that it will be used in. Fabletics has used this to make the shopping experience an enjoyable experience for all women.

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Has Oncotarget Uncovered E-Cigarette Health Dangers?

Who knew that the consumption of e-cigarettes would result in gum damage? Apparently Ifran Rahman had a sneaking suspicion because he conducted a study to see if his suspicions held true. And they did. As it turns out, the process of vaporization in e-cigs releases inflammatory proteins that irritate the gum cells at a molecular level. On top of this, the flavoring chemicals do much of the same damage and coupled with the vaporization effects. On top of that, they also contain nicotine which is also found in regular cigarettes. This is an addictive ingredient that also can lead to gum disease. The problem that has developed on a macro level is that people believe e-cigs are a healthy substitute to regular cigarettes. In a way they are, but they still have many harmful side effects like noted above. People are simply unaware that they are doing any damage to their health and as e-cigs continue to become more popular we will have many more unknowing victims. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Ifran Rahman holds a PHD and is a professor of medicine. The purpose of his research is to uncover health detriments as well as spread the word about unhealthy consumption. He hopes that e-cig production companies will start to reveal more of the products they use to produce e-cigs. Thus far it seems they have either been a bit selective of revealing what they use or are lazy about identifying all the products in detail. Revealing more details will allow Ifran Rahman and people in similar studies to better identify the health implications of such products and they will in turn be beter equipped to warn consumers of the consequences of said products before it is too late.

Oncotarget is a journal reviewed by peers that identifies better ways of practicing health care. It takes tried evidence of medical professionals and puts it up against other practices to see which ones will have a better end result. The end results they’re looking for is improved patient satisfaction, protocols, and patient management systems. The peer reviewed journal is a great resource for all medical professionals. Check Oncotarget journal at

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