PodcastOne Network Sheds Light on the Relationship between Advertising and Consumer Brand with the Aid of the Edison Research


Norman Pattiz recently lauded the positive results derived from the consultative research partnership between PodcastOne and Edison Research. As the executive chairman of PodcastOne, Pattiz deemed it necessary to conduct a comprehensive study on the benefits of advertising on five prominent national consumer brands across various categories. Carried out during the last six months of 2016 on a pre and post-campaign mode, the test yielded impressive results on the precise impacts on intent to purchase, recall of specific messaging and brand recall.


From the highly acclaimed study, the following proved to be significant findings:

  • Statistics from the post-study revealed that over a third of the respondents had a favorable opinion of a vehicle aftermarket product, which is a 28% increment from previous figures. On the other hand, 22% of the respondents were more likely to use a lawn and garden product.
  • Brand awareness based on particular campaign message for vehicle aftermarket products yielded a 60% increment from the pre-study to the post-study while the casual dining restaurants commanded a 76% increase.
  • Over 50% of respondents favored particular brand post-campaign while a 7% relied on the pre-study setup.
  • Brand awareness on products based on the financial service sector had a 47% increment while the automobile market product increased from 24% to 37%.


Edison Research is credited with positively contributing to the collection and verification of such data. More importantly, they have provided a crystal clear platform on the positive contributions made by new messaging and lesser-known brands focused on building an excellent reputation. Concerning online surveys, several prominent brands each had a 4-6 week’s advertisement period to generate adequate and reliable data.


The study’s core focus mainly revolved around enhancing brand impact with special attention on verifying the podcast format. Alternatively, Norman Pattiz hailed the multi-tiered approach adopted in the integrated advertising program.


While addressing a congregation of stakeholders and the media, Tom Webster, the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research, hailed the mutually beneficial partnership between the two enterprises in their united quest to providing reliable information on the predetermined study.


Norman Pattiz’s Background


As the Founder of Westwood One, Norman Pattiz is credited with steering the company to unprecedented heights within a short duration. Under his leadership, the enterprise became a leading radio network and provider of entertainment, traffic programming and sports to the Broadcast Industry. Westwood One’s reputation enabled it to manage a host of other media entities such as CNN Radio, CBS News, The Super Bowl and much more.


Norman Pattiz’s political influence dominated the headlines when he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board in 2000 by former President Clinton.

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