Robert Deignan Preaches Long Hours and Dedication

Today, Robert Deignan is the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, helping to co-found the company in August of 2011, after a very successful career as a top executive at Fanlink Inc., as well as iS3 Inc. Mr. Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership in 1995. Through his company, ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan, and his expert staff help to assist their customers through troubleshooting issues with their home computers, without the hassle of having to leave their location, instead utilizing a remote approach.

It was during Robert Deignan’s time with an anti-malware software company, that Robert Deignan had the idea to create ATS Digital Services. At the time, many of his former employer’s customers were experiencing issues with installing the new anti-malware software, and they soon discovered that the malware itself was inhibiting the home users from completing the installation. In order to resolve the issue, they began utilizing the services of their in-house technicians, which allowed them to assist with troubleshooting issues remotely. The response from the customers was immediately positive, and when Robert Deignan and his business partners decided to leave the company, they saw an opportunity to offer a new service that would be lucrative to their business, and equally helpful to their clients.

Robert Deignan usually begins his day around 5:00 each morning, meeting a friend for an hour’s workout at the gym, before returning home and heading to the office by 8:00. An integral part of his occupation is bringing his ideas to life, which usually occurs during periods in which he is disconnected from his phone and computer, and more in tune with nature. He sites his “summertime trips to Costa Rica,” as well as his “winter snowboarding trips to Colorado,” as the times for which many of his most promising ideas are created. Despite the long hours, and rigors of running a company, Mr. Deignan points to his incredible team, particularly his business partners, which allow for an open forum of “brilliant” ideas, as a prime factor in his ability to bring his ideas to fruition.

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