Roberto Santiago; The Innovative And Effective Entrepreneur

Everyone likes to have something new once in a while. More so, people need some cool places to relax, maybe during a lunch break or after work. How about kids during the weekends? You can take them out and let them enjoy their favorite video game, catch a movie, and spend their spare time away from home. Many know the place to access all these fun and enjoyment, the top-rated shopping malls. Roberto Santiago, a visionary entrepreneur from Brazil, contemplated the importance of a world-class contemporary mall in a growing economy. All he could see was a solid rock investment and thus went on to make it a reality. Read more articles on

Roberto Santiago is the owner of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa. The city is renowned for its beautiful beaches and magnificent sunsets. It is a huge tourist attraction in Brazil. Like a star in a pitch-dark night, the enterprise has lit-up the city and proven that Joao Pessoa has much in store for anyone seeking absolute serenity.

Roberto Santiago was born in 1968 in Brazil. He is a successful businessman and a great entrepreneur in the modern world of technology. He was brought up in Joao Pessoa, joined the Pio X-Marist College, and then proceeded to Joao Pessoa University. At the University, he pursued his higher level education and mainly focused on Business Administration.

Roberto Santiago’s career and entrepreneurial journey commenced when he founded and launched his cartonnage company. His entity was involved in designing and manufacturing of cardboard cartons that he used to sell to other institutions for re-use in packaging. Over time, the company flourished and was a huge success in the nation, which led to its significant expansion under his exceptional leadership. Moreover, Roberto Santiago also ventured into the allotment sector, which enabled him to acquire skills and relevant experience that shaped him into the visionary entrepreneur he is today. His interest in property development was also culminating as his entrepreneurial career peaked.

Roberto Santiago’s breakthrough in real estate was felt all over Brazil and beyond through the development of Manaira Shopping Mall. Its construction took about two years, and it turned out to be one of the most magnificent structures in the city. It provides an assortment for an all-around shopping experience to all its visitors, local and foreign. Manaira Shopping Mall remains a distinctive feature not only in the city but also in Brazil as a whole. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

The shopping mall features eleven entertainment rooms that are equipped elegantly. It also has 3D rooms that offer wider visibility to its customers. There are also bars and gourmet spaces where people can enjoy with their families. Gourmet spaces also provide experienced chefs from Paraiba that serve mouth-watering cuisines. Manaira Shopping Mall is a modern creation and is well-designed. Santiago is always working to ensure it stays ahead of its competitors. Through his magnificent work with the mall, Roberto Santiago has continually shown that passion, vision, skills, and dedication can alter the course of anything in investment.

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