Securus Technologies Allowing Officer to Maintain Order

The safety of officers inside prison is priority one, and it is more challenging than you realize to maintain a degree of safety in a dangerous jail. Even with a strong police presence, officers are outnumbered by inmates who have nothing but time to try and find angles to exploit behind bars. Despite these disadvantages, me and my fellow officers have discovered a secret to keeping the peace and staying ahead of any potential problems that could catch us off guard.


Securus Technologies was commissioned to install their inmate call monitoring system inside our facility so that we could have a better time listening to the inmates using the phones in the jail. The company is based in Texas and already has their systems in thousands of prisons around the country. If the CEO of Securus Technologies says the objective of his company is to make the world safer, then you know you are working with a company that does have your best interest at heart.


We were taught how the LBS software worked and were eager to see the system in action. The most surprising part of the system is that we no longer has to physically be there listening to the calls, the software did all the work and only alerted us if something of concern may have been said by the inmates.


This month alone, we were alerted when an inmate talked about a knife he hid in the prison yard to use in a fight against a rival gang. My team got another alert when an inmate was discussing how he could easily get drugs in the visitor center by using his elderly mother. Each time we get that alert from the LBS software about a problem, now we can get in position to stop the trouble from becoming an issue with the guards.

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