Sussex Healthcare Is Hiring

It is in 1985 that Sussex Healthcare was launched. In 2002, Sussex Healthcare received the official approval from the (HQS) Health Quality Service. By 2003, the Sussex Healthcare managed to get the Investors In People award. In 2005 the firm was awarded International standard ISO 9000:2000. This certification deals with the quality management systems, and this meant that in the United Kingdom the only private residence care provider was the Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is located at Warnham in the United Kingdom, and it operates as a nursing home for the people having complicated health issues.

Some of the health issues are autism, neurological conditions, learning disability and acquired brain injury not leaving behind the seniors who have Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Until now the Sussex Healthcare works hard towards improving the life and well-being of people. For this reason, the Healthcare advances as the technology advance. The auxiliary services such as the professional gymnasium, respite care, physiotherapy, sensory rooms, hydrotherapy pools and various holistic therapies are offered. The staff that works in the care home are well trained, and it is only those that are committed that are chosen. This is done to ensure that the services offered at the care home are incredible.

The Healthcare has adequate nurses to ensure that each person is given the attention he or she needs. In case the occupant requires 24/7 care Sussex Healthcare ensures that is what he or she gets. For the purpose of warming up the body, all the courses start with exercises. The principal objective is to ensure that the residents are not having a lot or little weight. The novel Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Healthcare is called Amanda Morgan- Taylor. Amanda has a long experience in the private and the public social and health sectors. Amanda served as a Mental Health Nurse in 1984, and as a senior leader, she has been of great importance.

Her positions comprised the Service Manager, Quality Development Director, and Managing. Sussex Healthcare has 20 homes that it takes care of and it has the ability to accommodate approximately 500 people. Sussex Healthcare has a wide range of experience in offering people the necessary care making their life better because they live comfortably. Sussex Healthcare is a private firm that aims at empowering the care homes that are based in Sussex. The firm makes sure that the homes acquire all the services they need to maintain their functionality.

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