Using the Power of Securus Technologies to Find Fugitives

When my fugitive task force was called last week because a suspect we arrested was out of jail already, we knew we had to take action quickly. This was a very violent offender, and somehow he was able to get free from custody during a trip to the courthouse, and he was back on the streets. The call was urgent because this fugitive was capable of going on a violent crime spree at any moment.


Although we knew that the fugitive had help from inside the jail, we weren’t sure which inmates were responsible. Our hopes were to figure out who they were and then try to piece this all together so we could locate this fugitive before anyone was hurt. What we didn’t know at the time was Securus Technologies recently updated the call system in this jail the inmates make use of when they are talking to those on the outside.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Texas, and the CEO says all of his employees are dedicated to a single objective, making our world safe. The monitoring system is currently in over 2,600 jails in this country, and soon to be more based on how successful it has been in crime prevention.


Soon after the fugitive was on the run, it appeared his connection inside was already on the phone making sure everything played out as planned. The LBS software was able to detect chatter specific to our fugitive, and the call opened the door to pointing to a group of individuals who were in fact housing him. After a long night of surveillance, we saw our suspect the next morning trying to get in a car that was headed out of the area. Thanks to all the team that is working at Securus Technologies, we utilized the monitor to catch this fugitive.


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