We Support End Citizens United Quite A Lot

There are a number of people who are supporting End Citizens United as we are, and we believe in their mission quite a lot. I am happy to help them, and we are quite close to reaching our goal of $35 million. I want to see the mission make it throughout a number of places around America, and I want it to change our local community. This article shows how we are making changes to the way that we are holding elections.


#1: Changing Campaign Laws


There are many campaign finance laws that we have questions about, and End Citizens United wants it to change so that we will give everyone the chance to be elected. It is much easier for someone to run when they do not need to be wealthy, and we have seen that you truly must be rich if you wish to hold an election. There are many people who are bright and have good intentions, but they simply cannot run because they do not have the funds.


#2: Changing The Laws


The laws that must change all govern campaign finances, and they are quite difficult for someone to understand if they have never seen them before. We will find that there are many people who simply do not know what the laws are, and they do not know that big money causes problems that will ripple through all of government. I hope the laws will change so that we will avoid things such as Donald Trump being elected President. We must ensure that the country is better for our kids, but we are seeing that the baby boomers are the first to not care.


#3: Online Information


There are many people who are hoping to use online information to learn about End Citizens United, and I know that they will learn quite a lot if they see the things that I post from social media. I am impressed with the way that the PAC has posted information, and I know that they will continue to post items because they want to teach people how the government actually works. They want to post news stories that will show people what they need to know, and they will learn quite a lot in the process.


There are many people who will find that the End Citizens United PAC is helping their life improve. They are pushing for changes before the 2018 midterm elections, and they are showing people how to get the results they need. This is one of the simplest ways for someone to learn how America elects people, and they will have more ways to make changes to the government that impacts their lives every day.

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