Whitney Wolfe Herd Taking Bumble Dating App Places

There are many dating applications out there that people use these days to interact with strangers, and possibly find a date and even their life partner. Also, finding a match at many of these sites might be easy, it is not always safe, and it can potentially be a bad experience as well, especially for women. There are men out there, who tend to abuse females or even bully them online at the dating apps, and women have grown to ignore such advances, but it does add to their frustration and irritation, one way or the other.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, has addressed these issues in a very simplified manner by allowing only female members of the application to message men first. The female members can go through the profiles of men and message the one they find intriguing or like-minded as per the description and image provided. The male members at Bumble have to wait for women to contact them first before they can get started. It might seem female dominated dating app, but many men are supporting the move, because they know there are predators and bullies out there who do what they do, and it is demeaning for the female member on the other side. The Founder Of Bumble On The Future Of Dating & Making It In Your 20s

Whitney Wolfe Herd has firsthand experience of some of these online assaults from other male members on other dating applications previously, which is what helped her come out with this idea. So far, Bumble has managed to get over 27 million members, which is a figure that is growing at an enormous pace. Whitney Wolfe Herd said that right now Bumble has a presence in nearly ten countries, but it plans to expand its operations worldwide soon. As a co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd has a good experience with the dating business, which helped her with designing and getting Bumble started in about one year after she left Tinder. The marketing prowess of Whitney Wolfe Herd is also well-known, which is what helped her make Bumble, one of the top five dating applications in the market today. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe: ‘I’m worried we’re alienating the good guys’

The growth of Bumble has been remarkable, and as per Forbes, the company is worth over a billion dollars. Whitney Wolfe Herd is confident that the growth of Bumble has just started and it has a long way to go as she just turned down the $450 million acquisition offer by the dating business giant, Match.com. Bumble App Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Epic Wedding in Positano, Italy


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